Exploring Denver's Vibrant Culinary Scene: Mexican Restaurant Delights and Happy Hour Indulgences

April 2, 2024 United States, Texas, Houston 2


Denver, Colorado, is a city known for its rich cultural tapestry and diverse culinary offerings. Among its many culinary delights, Mexican cuisine stands out, with its bold flavors and vibrant dishes. In this article, we'll take a tantalizing journey through Denver's Mexican restaurant scene, highlighting those that offer irresistible happy hour specials alongside delectable Mexican desserts.

Mexican Restaurants with Happy Hour Specials

La Loma: Nestled in the heart of downtown Denver, La Loma is renowned for its authentic mexican desserts denver cuisine and welcoming ambiance. Their happy hour menu features an array of enticing options, from classic margaritas to flavorful street tacos. Whether you're craving savory enchiladas or spicy salsa, La Loma has something to satisfy every palate during happy hour.

Machete Tequila + Tacos: For a trendy twist on traditional Mexican fare, look no further than Machete Tequila + Tacos. Located in Denver's vibrant Cherry Creek neighborhood, this lively eatery boasts an impressive selection of tequila and mezcal, perfect for crafting refreshing cocktails. During happy hour, guests can enjoy discounted drinks and mouthwatering small plates, such as guacamole and queso fundido.

Tamayo: Situated in Larimer Square, Tamayo offers a sophisticated take on Mexican cuisine, with a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Their happy hour menu showcases inventive dishes like ceviche and street corn, paired with handcrafted cocktails featuring premium tequila and mezcal. With its chic atmosphere and scenic rooftop patio, Tamayo is the ideal spot for indulging in happy hour delights.

Mexican Desserts in Denver

Adelitas Cocina y Cantina: After satisfying your savory cravings, treat yourself to a decadent Mexican dessert at Adelitas Cocina y Cantina. This cozy restaurant specializes in traditional dishes from various regions of Mexico, including irresistible sweets like churros and tres leches cake. Paired with a steaming cup of Mexican hot chocolate or a smooth añejo tequila, these desserts are the perfect finale to any meal.

El Five: Perched atop a historic building in the LoHi neighborhood, El Five offers breathtaking views of the Denver skyline alongside its innovative Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. While their menu may not be exclusively Mexican, El Five's dessert offerings include delightful surprises like churro ice cream sandwiches and chocolate tamale cake. These creative confections are sure to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.

La Chiva: For a taste of Colombian and Mexican fusion cuisine, head to La Chiva in Denver's Highland neighborhood. This charming eatery serves up an array of Latin American specialties, including delectable desserts like flan and tres leches. With its cozy atmosphere and welcoming vibe, La Chiva is the perfect spot to satisfy your sweet tooth while exploring Denver's eclectic culinary scene.

From savory street tacos to indulgent desserts, Denver's mexican restaurant with happy hour Denverscene offers a feast for the senses. Whether you're craving classic dishes or innovative creations, there's no shortage of options to explore. So gather your friends, raise a glass during happy hour, and indulge in the irresistible flavors of Mexican cuisine in the Mile High City.

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